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ここのところスリランカはとても暑かったです。例年9月は雨が多いですが今年は少なくて全土が水不足でした。インド政府はスリランカの全土の水貯蔵を改善するためにお金を政府に寄付してくれました.9月にPaulineの家に2組のお客様が滞在されました。一緒にスリランカ料理を作ったりでとても満足され日本に帰国されました。私達もとてもハッピイでした。私達は皆様のポリンの家の滞在をお待ちしてます 2016/10/12
 These days Sri Lanka were very hot days.normally month of September were is rainy month in Sri Lanka, but this year it were changed up country, most of the areas were less of water. the Indian government were donated some money to the Sri Lanka government to improve the water reservation in all the Island. 2 visitors from Japan have visited Pauline’s house in September. They were satisfied very much and back to Japan, as we cooked Sri Lankan dish together. We were very happy for it too. We are looking forward to stay the Pauline’s house.2016/10/12

2016年10月12日 15:48


テレビ朝日は9/3 と9/10に土曜日の朝の番組“旅サラダ”でスリランカの旅を放映しました。16世紀はポルトガルの植民地、17世紀はオランダの植民地, 18世紀は英国の植民地でしたのでコロンボの町はヨーロッパ風のビルディングが多く見られます。そしてスリランカ紅茶は一年中良い気候ですので年を通して収穫することが出来ます。紅茶園は年中訪問出来ます。シーギリヤ、キャンディのペラヘラ祭りの紹介はとても興味深いものでした。是非Paulineの家に泊りスリランカを旅して下さい
TV Asahi was broadcast of Sri Lanka in program "Tabi salad" on Saturday for 9/ 3 and 10th.Sri Lank was colony of Portugal at The 16th century, on the 17th century was colony of Netherlands, and colony of the U.K. at the 18th century. So In the town of Colombo, you can see a lot of  European buildings. and also  Sri Lank tea is able to harvest throughout the year as good climate. You can visit the tea garden throughout the year。 Sigiriya, Colombo, Perahera Festival of the Candy, shop of the curry "RAJABOJUN" were introduced, too. I really recommend if you visit on a trip to Sri Lanka. Please stay at the Pauline’house on this occasion.2016/09/18

2016年09月18日 15:48


Sri Lanka government plan to make the new Air bridge to Avoid the long que traffic in Colombo city area  so the work begin on 1st of September year 2016 it takes about 18months to finished the work news were reported it。Spain government were combined and sign the contract with the Sri Lanka government to open this new Air bridge.2016/09/04

2016年09月04日 15:48


This month in famous Kanday of Srilanka ,the perahera festival were held from 10th to 17th of August. final Randoli festival is celebrate on 17th. Lot of many Tourist were visiting to Srilanka yearly to watch this perahera festival.Lot of srilanken cultural pagent were shown in this festival perahera.It is the place where is within a day trip from Pauline’s house and take 3-4 hours Using train from Colombo st. on this day the live coverage from srilanka can watch Japan  and other Foreign country too.Srilanka time is around 900pm.Tokyo time is around 12. 30。 2016/08/15

2016年08月15日 15:47


recently srilanka operated the Ambulance service for the people in All island in Srilanka people who were need in immergency service it were giving the free of charge specially the doctor consulation this is donated by government of India this is first time in srilanka haveing this kind of Ambulance service it is very convenient service too. it works 24 hour duty in daily.working  staff  were silanken and indians in both.2016/07/31

2016年07月31日 15:47


スリランカでは最近有名なルフヌ マハ カタラガマ デヴァラヤ寺院で年に一度のフェスティバルがありました。これはキャンディにある最大寺院のキャンディペラヘラ祭りと似てます。スリランカの暦でエサラ月(毎年太陽暦の7月~8月頃)の新月から満月までの間に行わるため、その間のおよそ2週間が祭りの時期となります。私達は皆様の宿泊をお待ちしてます。2016/07/12
srilanka recently held the famous Temple in down south Ruhunu Kataragama  yearly celebrate perahera festival that also similer to Kandy perahera lot of devortees were partisipate it this Temple is the biggest Temple in down south in srilanka yearly in north side devortees were gathered it.we are waiting your stay in Pauline's house.

2016年07月12日 15:47


Hello very Good Morning to All of you,
Now in Paulin,s home stay was having new friend.she is new comer squarral recently. she was giving the Birth of three small cute squarral they were play with mother at all time going and hang climbing to the wall they were stay inside of the house Entrance varandha, roof in small Box,  early Morning it was very happy to see, the new comer friends. 2016/06/18

2016年06月18日 15:46


srilanken president were going to visit to Tokyo day after tommorrow 5/25/2016 for  trading the conference of 7 country summit.
these days extreem weather in srilanka many people were displaced and areaa were flooded thousands of people were sheltering trains buses were stopped some days due to the flood 2016/05/24

2016年05月24日 15:46


for the moment srilanka haveing the water and electricity broblems. it is for the moment weather was very hot in day by day no rain at all part of the Island feture expect some rain falls or the moment country haveing power and water cutting for some hours in every part of the Island too 27th of march last sunday all catholic were celebrate the Easter many churches were had night vigel service  most of catholic people who were stays in the country were participate for those event. 2016/03/28

2016年03月28日 15:46


these days very hot weather in srilanka every part of the Island all fruit Trees were setting the fruit season comeing on month of may lot of mango trees were haveing some flowers also small mangoes too pauline house haveing mango tree also were haveing some small mangoes2016/03/06

2016年03月06日 15:45

ポリンの家 - Pauline's house
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